Mani Monday Madness!


So its Monday mani madness today, Eek!
Great way to start the week and I have a huge new trend to fill you in on.

Nail art is a bit of a grey area for me. Part of me loves it for casual days when you need a little bit of glitz in your life but less is deffo more.

In comes my new favourite trend.


I’m in love.

Its simple yet expressive and really really easy to do.

Let me ‘splain.

I got this little set off Amazon and it will make a great present for the quirky girl in your life.

Nails Inc Monogram Manicure Collection

Price £18
The set comes with three 4ml nail varnishes
The Southbank (cool grey nude) Mayfair Place (deep plum).
Kensington Caviar (clear top coat)

A piddly little stick and 4 sheets of letters and symbols.

Paint your nails as normal. The nail varnish was great. It only took 2 coats and dried in under 15 minutes #winning.
The fiddly bit is peeling off the stickers. I bent back the sheet and using the wooden stick, placed them on the nail. Now when I placed my O it was lower than I wanted and when I tried to remove it took a bit of the nail varnish with it, fume.
So when placing the symbols be super careful and pay attention.
Once placed and pleased apply the top coat and leave to dry.

I love the finished look. The hardest bit was working out what to say.

Now I’m sure you could pick up the symbols somewhere cheaper and you could use any nail colour you like but this is a pretty sweet set for christmas time.

I would recommend to anyone who loves nail art or the monogram trend.


Get involved and tweet @nailsinc and me @chloelingane using #monogrammani so I can check you all out.

Get expressive!




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