LUSH Mask of Meh.

Hope everyones well

Here for another product review today. I was reluctant to post another Lush review so quickly as I gave them a bit of a beastin’ in my last post. But then I thought bollocks to it. Its on my schedule so we’ll roll on.


So I reviewed a Cult product amongst you beauts and again I fear this may cause upset as I have often seen this referred to as the holy grail of masks.

So without further ado
Lush Mask Of Magnaminty
Price £5.50/ 125g.
Whats Lush sayin?
A multi-purpose mask with a mixture of gentle yet effective ingredients to clean, calm and clear the skin. Easily smoothed over the skin, this mask is made with peppermint oil to stimulate, marigold oil and chlorophyllin to treat the skin; evening primrose seeds and aduki beans to gently exfoliate as you remove it. You can use this mask anywhere.
I just love Lush product names. They never fail to disappoint. I think the Lush team are in cohorts with Benefit + Soap and Glory to come up with these names. They grab my attention thats for sure.
The packaging is simple but automatically recognisable. I prefer my beauty products to be in a cream or white packaging but that is being fussy.
I adore the little sticker that tells you who made the product and when. The devil is in the detail and Lush nails it right there.
Lets talk texture. Imagine putting a grainy guacamole on your face, gross right? Well thats pretty much it. It isnt easy to put on, so do this above the sink. Its not necessarily a bad thing but just so you know *smiley face*

Apply to your face A la Moi!

Then scare the living shit out of your partner for asking for a kiss.

Mwahahahah. (Other evil cackles available)

It slightly tingles but not annoyingly so. Its a bit like putting mother pucker on your entire face. It dries relatively quickly, but there is still movement available. This isn’t like the old masks where cracking a smile literally meant cracking your face.

It is quite messy to get off and you’ll probs find its migrated into your hair line.

The smell wasn’t pleasant but it didn’t plunge me into the depths of a migraine like another product I’ve tried recently. The peppermint is strong and it smells like I’ve put a whole tube of toothpaste on my face.

To remove gently scrub off with warm water. I’ve never been a fan of face products that contain seeds or grains. I feel they’re to harsh for delicate facial skin. However this didnt feel scratch or corse. I could clearly feel there was, how can I say, beads? Yeah beady like things rolling on my face as I was removing the product.

So lets talk results. My skin definitely appears brighter after using this product. I feel like I’ve had a buff and polish and that I’m ready for anything. My make up seems to sit better and its a total thumbs up. For like 1 day. The results only last a day and for the amount of effort and the mess I’ve caused in my bathroom I wanna look like a mofo princess on the daily!
I’ve now used this product 4 times over a 2 week period and I don’t think its kept my spots away. Ive still had the odd few on my cheek or chin and no, they weren’t my normal resident menstrual mound that hibernates on my chin for a week every month. No boys and girls, he’ll be making his appearance next week.

I feel quite neutral about this product. I was kind of hoping I’d have a clear face for a few days after the mask but its kind of done nothing.
I would recommend this however before a big event. So the day before Prom or your christmas do, pop it on whilst doing a pedicure and your face will look brighter the next day.

Worth a fiver even if its just to put on when your bestie pops round for a cup of tea and an Instagram selfie!

Much Love


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