Alert! Maybe she’s born with it, maybe its a benefit dupe!

Oh my God, oh my God I’m so freaking excited about todays blog.
So as we all know I loves me a dupe. I adore high end products but I get a seedy little buzz when the drug stores (feel very USA saying that WOO! 🇺🇸) bring their A game and smash it.
A couple of days ago I wrote about how awesome the Benefit they’re real eye liner is. I was genuinely impressed with the product and would buy it again.
You can read about it here

But at £18.50 I was struggling to part with my cash at the tills. (I am a skin-flint with xmas and the wedding to pay for)
So I did some hardcore pinning on Pinterest and didn’t find anything for half an hour.
Then the beautiful word ‘dupe’ arose and they were referencing the incredible Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner Pen Black
Price £8.99

What do Maybelline say?
Dramatic bold line intensity is now made easy, the shocking black intensity of gel in a pen.
Wide-contouring silicon-tip applicator makes it easy to draw bold, statement lines.
Black-lacquered gel wears all day.



Okay, okay. The names a bit of a mouthful, they clearly haven’t got benefits marketing team on side but who cares really? (Okay, I do a smidge)
I made the purchase in Superdrug, hola 3 for 2, its been a while!
At £8.99 this is medium price range for an eye liner. I’ll be pissed if this is shite.
Got it home and it looks pretty similar to They’re real by Benefit.
It has a twist base that when rotated kicks out some of the product.
The top has that angled nib identical (besides colour) to Benefits they’re real liner. The only difference was Maybellines was slightly softer.
The colour of the black is proper intense, I can see this being a gothic staple too.
I wiped off the excess gel and began to apply.
The pen liner was incredibly comfortable in my hand and I didnt feel it dragging against my skin.
I lined my lid and within moments it was dry. Granted a tiny bit longer to dry than Benefit, but only the teeniest.
I started from the inner corner and glided towards the outer corner hugging the lash line.



I attempted the flick next and am pleased to say this was super easy too thanks to that nifty nib.
The liner lasted for hours and didnt smudge at all.
It was a bit of a nightmare to remove so invest in a heavy duty eye make up remover.

This was the finished product.


I am so happy I have found this beauty! A total saving of £9.51 #amazing!

I am a hardcore Benefit fan but Maybelline here have pipped them to the post. Both products offer exactly the same look but one is nearly 10 quid cheaper!

Get involved and make a purchase peeps!

It gets the coveted title of MUST HAVE BUY.

Au revoir




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