No way Olay! 2 in 1 moisturiser and primer.

Olay 2 in 1 primer

Price £4.98

(Its 2p dearer in Tesco’s. Bastards)

What Olay say
Long lasting hydration + Primer in 1 easy step
Product comes in a 50ML pump.
Instantly fresh, moisturised feel and smoother, more even looking skin ready for makeup application. Brighter, healthy-looking skin with daily use.

I was in Tesco’s the other day buying some cotton wool pads when I saw that glorious little yellow sticker displaying the holy grail for beauty bloggers, half price. 😍
I scanned across the shelves and saw it was on the Olay products.
Its safe to say that Olay has earned their stripes when it comes to skin care but the brand as a whole doesn’t excite me.
I have always thought of them as a bit beige and dare I say Mumsie?
I noticed that the product was for a 2 in 1 primer and moisturiser.
That deffo caught my attention and I’ve been trying to find a dupe for benefits porefessional for a while now.
So armed with this little beauty I skipped merrily to the checkout hoping this would save me time and money.
So I prepped my skin as normal and whilst bare faced applied the product to the back of my hand.

My first initial reaction was disappointing. I prefer my primers to be skin coloured and this was clearly white.

I warmed the product in my hand and applied to my face as you do.
It went on easily and absorbed really well into my skin. It doesn’t have that silky satin feel us porefessional perverts crave though. I wasn’t expecting it to, but I would’ve been an olay convert for life if it had.
I looked close up and the appearance of my pores hadn’t changed. Boo! I mean they’re not bad, they’re just not perfect and thats what I’m after people.
I applied my make up like normal and went out to dinner with my other half. I had had a few glasses of wine and I was wearing heavy make up but it did stay put. When I’ve had a ‘few’ my eye make up is known to smear and it can look like my foundation has just slid off my face, but none of that. My make up stood the test of time (and rosé wine) and I was happy with that.

All in all I am not fussed either way by this olay product.
Well done Olay from trying to branch out from being skin care slaves and taking on the make up moguls.
I think they need to go back to the drawing board and add more primer qualities to this product.
I think this is a good product for those days when you’re rushing as it absorbs quickly as a moisturiser and is a good base underneath make up.
But I can’t see me using this daily and I wouldn’t buy it again.
I wouldn’t recommend you buying this if you want a good primer.
Its an average moisturiser at best.


Hasta la vista



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