Frugal friday. Rapeseed oil. Its the future.


So I’ve been living it up lately using all my glamorous skin care brands. Lathering myself in lotions and potions. When it hit me.
I’m one skint bitch.
I need to get thrifty, fast.

My hairs been really dry lately and I haven’t been showing it love and affection.
So rather spontaneously I thought, I’ll treat myself to a nice conditioner maybe even a hair masque.
Theeennnnn my back balance told me to quiet the f**k down. (Cow)

Hmm decisions.

Then eureka! (I do realise this is really devaluing the word eureka)

The answer is in my cupboard.
Rapeseed oil.

Its not just an ingredient that can be used for cooking but also for your body.
A nail technician once told me that putting olive oil on your cuticles and nail beds will help to seal in moisture and will enable to heal your cuticles faster.
So if it works there, where else can it work its magic? Plus rapeseed oil and olive oil arent that different are they?

Enter google.
I found out that the high levels of vitamin E, A and its content of omega 3 and omega 6 prevents the scalp from drying and protects your hair from the cold wind and moisture.

So feeling frugal *ahem cheap*
And creative *ahem desperate*

I got in the shower and poured the oil in my hands.
It felt gross but I applied to my ends and worked towards the roots.
I tied my hair in a top knot and applied my hair removal cream to my top lip. I was looking FIT!

I made a cup of tea, read a few blogs and decided to jump in the shower.

I rinsed my hair as normal with my every day shampoo, sang a bit of Taylor Swift, made some life decisions and got out.

I wrapped my hair in that weird hat thing women do after a wash and thought f**k it, why not?
Out came the rapeseed oil and I applied to my body, rubbing in like a moisturiser.
My skin looked supersoft and I was stunned.
Heres my arm, looking all bling and fab. *snaps for me*


Feeling lazy I let my hair dry naturally. I brushed it through and wow.
My hair feels extremely soft, you know that feeling after leaving the salon, like that soft.
The light was just bouncing off my hair and the shine was phenomenal.

Check out the difference


Don’t go ditching your conditioners now but for once in a blue moon, when theres no pennies down the back of the sofa moments, whack it on.

I think it was awesome and I hope you do too!

But remember;
1) the first rule of fight club, is you don’t talk about fight club
2) use less than you think, a little goes a long way
3) apply in shower (its gonna get lionel)

Head aega!




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