Ta Ra! tattoo tutorial!


Thought I’d bring you a quick tutorial today on how to cover tattoos.

Now I have 6 tattoos and I don’t regret any of them and I proudly display them wherever I go.

However there are times and places when they need to be covered.

Visiting the grandparents, strict uniform codes or you may have part in a play or production where the tattoo doesn’t fit the role.

So I would like to make it clear that tattoos are for life not just for your twenties.
Please consider that what you love at 19 you might not at 90.
However saying that, it is your body, you choose how you wish to decorate it. People will always say
‘What you gonna look like when you’re 90?’ IMG_3079.JPG
more badass folks here

Like a mofo badass! Clearly!

So just to clarify before we commence
1)Tattoos are for life
2) they are addictive and painful
3) a beautiful tattoo is art work that you will always own and can not be taken from you.
4) cover up make up is expensive and time consuming.

Lets crack on shall we!

So here is my tattoo on my foot.


A simple black design, I love this tattoo and would never want to cover it due to its sentimental value but it is the easiest one to photograph

Take a red based lipstick. Anyone will do. You can use a gloss but the key here is for the red to dry so I think lipstick is best.


Swatch it on covering the tattoo.


I took my MUA translucent powder and applied liberally.


I literally dabbed my hand in the pot, dabbed my hand on my foot until I was left with this


Okay this is where you need to be patient.
Take your warm concealer and using a brush dab over that red out line.
Leave to dry.

(the left was my warm shade, the middle my cool one)

At this point you will be having a nervous break down because there is powder all over your sheets the pesky red line wont disappear and you’ve wasted half an hour of your life doing this crap!

Have your tantrum, go make a cup of tea. But do not wipe that make up off your tat just yet.

Now a bit calmer, you realise your tat is starting to disappear.


Take your lighter tone concealer blend the make up to the rest of the skin surrounding the tat.


Get that pesky powder out again and dust all over the area.

I set mine with a finishing spray.


Warning this is to be treated like a princess.
No rubbing up and down in the ‘cluuuurrrb’ it will streak oh and rain forget it.

If you need it to last for those purposes invest in tattoo cover up make up.

Well heres the before and after



So long Bitches!!!!




4 thoughts on “Ta Ra! tattoo tutorial!

  1. Thanks for the very useful tutorial, I have 4 tattoos and I haven’t had to cover one yet but hopefully I will remember this when the time comes! Also I have the same tattoo that you have on your foot on the outside of my wrist! Great minds think alike eh? 🙂 x

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