On the Lash or All about the base? MUA vs MUR

MUR (make up revolution)

Make up revolution awesome lash

Price £3
Colour Ultra Black

What are MUR sayin’?

Want Volume & Length Together? This is the mascara to give you Awesome Lashes.
Build & Lengthens with each stroke. Our brush will be leave you able to capture every lash with its tip. Formulation is buildable, for super lashes!.


Firstly lets talk aesthetics (big word I know) I love love love… Big mascara tubes. I realise this means that they take up more room and quite frankly my make up storage is bursting at the seams. But A la Cheryl Fernandez-Versini- I DON’T CARE!
They’re beautiful and they are easier to hold when applying make up.
Plus this tube is hot pink with gold writing. Fierce.

So top marks on presentation peeps.


So moving on, I’m not a huge fan of this type of brush. I find they actually hurt my eye a little bit. Not like catastrophic pain but just uncomfortable. If you’re like me and don’t like the plastic wands then I’m not sure this is the product for you.


Okay, so here is my eye looking all Big Bro and creepy but you wanna know if this works right?
Hmm, *insert Phil Mitchell sigh*
Im not convinced this adds volume but it deffo adds length.
It literally separated each lash, even the fine fairy like ones and combed it with a thin layer of jet black mascara. Now there isn’t a clump in site.
Now I went over 3 or 4 times to achieve this look but those thick lashes never came. So I don’t feel that it lived up to its promise of ‘ buildable’. Shame.
Now I do know that friends of mine would like this. Its perfect for those who like the natural look. It looks like your eye lashes just better. You might find that people think you’re not wearing make up.
But I am an unashamed faker. I love over the top thick, fake, false style lashes and this makes me feel underwhelmed.

So this could be a great product if you’re looking for an on-budget, lengthening, natural mascara.

Not for you if you like bold, thick, false style eyes.

Moving swiftly ahead


MUA matte loose powder

Price £2.30
Colour Translucent

What they say

Make-up Academy’s Matte Perfect Loose Translucent Powder is an extremely lightweight sheer and silky setting powder. This finely milled loose powder fixes your foundation in place, perfect for minimising oiliness and unwanted shine. The micro fine featherweight texture means that it never looks powdery or feels heavy over foundation. It disappears on the skin brightening up your make up whilst keeping it in place throughout the day.

So like life, lets judge it on its appearance first #miaow


The packaging is nothing to rave about. It comes in a plastic jar with a sifter.
I am not a fan of the sifter, I don’t find enough product comes out.
I end up taking the sifter off but this is clearly messy and is to be avoided if you have light sheets or are already dressed to go out.

Lets talk results.
I love this product.
Like unashamedly, totes infatuated with this powder.
I always had this misconception that powders were for old ladies and had these ingrained memories of ladies at my Nans church with powder so thick and beige that they resembled a rich tea biscuit.
(Well glad they’re not aware that the internet exists, cos if my nan reads that I’m in such deep shit.)
(Oh and I’ll be in trouble for swearing, see what I risk for you guys?)
But clawing back up that tangent, I was wrong.
Yes. Wrong.
This powder has changed my make up routine for good now.
I apply my base, (no treble) and with a large brush swirl it around my face buffing and blending as I go.
This smooths my face amazingly and my make up definitely lasts longer. I would say my make-up only needs to be touched up after 6 hours.
Now this is the negative but its not awful.
This is not an item to keep in your bag, rucksack or purse. The packaging is not the greatest and when this breaks (which it will eventually if you lug it around all day) this will go EVERYWHERE.
But, its loose powder, what do you expect? If you need to carry a powder take a pressed one and a powder puff.


Lastly but not least this doesn’t affect me too much but just a heads up for you guys.

I have really pale skin and I wish I was bronzed and tan but I’m not. This powder works perfectly for me, but if your skin is darker be aware that this is not completely translucent. It will take you down by about a shade.

So just be aware for that fact.

Was I on the lash?
All about that base?

Clearly it is evident that MUA has won my heart once again with its game changer of a product.





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