Beauty Jargon Busted!


Anyone else feel they need a degree in pharmaceuticals to know what the hell is going on in the beauty world at the moment?

I sure did. I’d walk into a beauty counter and part with my well earned cash having been sold a dream and I didn’t have a clue what it meant or what it did.

With the well known adage ‘knowledge is power ringing in my ears’ I decided it was time to get smart.

So do you know your Goodies from your baddies?
Your AHA’s from your anti-oxidants?

Nope? Well don’t worry, I’m gonna bust some serious jargon today.

Ive found out most of this info from the web, beauty books or the peeps at the beauty counter.

Never be afraid to question in life, question everything.

I hope you find this helpful and will help you make smart beauty choices before spending dollar on diddly-squat.

BB stands for blemish balm. Its job is to offer Sun creme, moisturiser, spot treatment and sheer foundation all in one handy product. This is appealing to those pressed for time. A lot of people swear by BB’s but they’re not for everyone. I find that the coverage is poor and the moisturising element woefully lacking. If you are in your teens and have oily skin this is great for you. Saves you time, gets sun protection in your routine and doesnt cover your beautiful plump skin in a foundation that isn’t necessary at your age.

I can’t recommend a BB as i’m not a big fan. If you find one you like let me know, you may change my mind.

Colour correcting creme. This has the same principle as a BB but the idea is to cover sunspots or damage. I’m still not converted, I find that foundation is the best thing for concealing these issues. They are slightly more hydrating and are a great buy if you have an uneven skin tone. But other than that. Im not sold.

Tinted moisturiser.

These beauties I do like, these are great for the days when you want to be bare faced but still bright eyed and bushy tailed. If your skin is dry however still use a normal day creme underneath. Get one with sun protection and your laughing.


Its a typo. A manufacturer somewhere typed the word cleans incorrectly and the beauty world has ran with it. It just means to clean. Get rid of all the junk on your face and leave you squeaky clean.

Supposed to be used after cleansing to minimise the appearance of pores. I think its naff. It was originally designed to restore the PH balance of your skin after using soap but who uses soap nowadays. Its just fancy water. Ditch it. Save your money.

Your skin is constantly regenerating. An exfoliator removes the dead skin cells so you don’t get clogged pores.

This is where it gets personal. A serum dives in deep into your skin attacking your unique skin conditions. So whether you want a product that helps with firming up or dehydration just rock up to your local beauty counter and ask for a serum that targets what you need it to do.

An absolute essential in my routine. They make the outer layer of your skin softer and increase the water content in your skin. #amazeballs.

These little wonders wash your hair without having to get it wet. The dry shampoo comes in a powder or spray form. It’s also an instant volume boost. A common complaint is that they leave a grey residue in your hair if you have dark locks. Batiste are great value for money and do a spray designed for brunettes.

A perfume concentration of about 10%. It will need to be sprayed often to leave the smell. It’s very strong at first but fades quickly.

A perfume concentration of about 20%. Usually more expensive because of this.

This is just a buzz word that actually doesn’t mean anything medical. The cosmetics industry use this word to describe a product which has fewer allergic reactions. But be warned that there is no regulations that need to be complied with for beauty companies to put this on their labels.

A cosmetic treatment where the face is sprayed with exfoliant crystals of aluminium dioxide to remove dead skin cells.

God alone knows how you say it! But if you read it on your label all it means is that the items doesn’t block pores.

Basically this is recession fashionista! The idea is that your hair is dip dyed so your hair is lighter at the ends, hello roots

Parabens are man made chemicals which are chucked into beauty products to preserve them. They increase the shelf life on these products.

Retinol comes from vitamin A and the reason beauty companies love it, is because it allegedly latches onto skin cells and trains them up to be healthy again. I’m not sure if I believe it as I don’t have any proper wrinkles to try it on yet

So wanna hear something gross? A little girly lac bug, that lives in the forests of India and Thailand secrets a resin which is dried out an mixed with ethyl alcohol to make shellac! This is put into a high gloss varnish and applied in salons. It is a great nail varnish and last for up to 2 weeks without chipping.

Oh the Vajazzle; allegedly native to my home county (Essex big up!) this is where little crystles are glued to your *ahem* Twinkle, nuuny, front bum- whatever you like to call it.

I guess you can work out where it got its name.


These are the daddies of exfoliators. Unlike scrubs that use hard particles to literally rub off dead skin cells, AHAs break down the structure that keep skin cells together.
This means that the product gets right down there removing the top few layers of skin.
I’d always recommend a facial exfoliator should contain AHA and not the particles such as pumice. They’re too harsh for the face.

Okay this is tough to explain in laments terms. In your body you have free radicals. (No they’re not a boy band) these happen naturally in the body. In small quantities these are good. But too many in the body throw the body’s cells out of whack. The cells get all confused and the damaged cells start fighting with the healthy cells (the little bleeders)
And on their white horse in shining armour arrived DADADADA! Antioxidants.
These bad boys are usually derived from plants and possess phytochemicals.
Phytochemicals are to free radicals what Kryptonite is to Superman. Antioxidants are a natural defence against pollution.

These are the gentle version of AHA’s, they penetrate deep into your pores and tackle the source of spots and zits.
Taken from aspirin, salicylic acid is the most commonly used BHA, because it fights inflammation.

These are the bricks and mortar of human cells. These beauties produce collagen and promote cell repair and renewal.

Also known by its cute nick name- glycosaminoglycan. Hyaluronic acid is rife in young skin and is the reason those pesky kids cheeks are so plump. Over time, pollution and UV rays knacker out the old skin cells’ meaning their ability to produce their own hyaluronic acid decreases.
Bad times

Also known as Vitamin B3, it this gem widens blood vessels. This means that it can help to counteract sallow, dull-looking skin and improve elasticity.

Used to thicken cosmetics, it is also found in sunblock to prevent, hence ‘block’, UV light from reaching the skin.

Now, if you made it to the end. I applaud you. There is a lot to take in. So feel free to save this and dip in and out.
A Clo-ssary if you like!
I’ve now got brain ache and need to sit in a dark room.

Hope this helps




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