Kylie Jenner lip look revealed

So I am uber excited for todays post. I was tempted to smash it out last night, but I really want it to be useful so have waited until today to share.

So unless you’ve been living under a rock I’m sure you have heard about the Kardashians.
Love them or hate them, they are huge (and I’m not just talking about their bums)
But have you heard about their little sister Kylie?

Kylie Jenner is perhaps my favourite of the showbiz brood. Actually its Kourtney or Khloe, Christ I love them all.

Well she certainly has the media at her feet with 13 million followers on instagram and 7.5 mil on twitter the girl is running the show.

Oh and she’s 17.

Feel like a bit of an underachiever to be honest now.

But why is she dividing opinion and why is she the hottest thing in the beauty world at the moment?

Those lips.
picture from
Now one band of thought is that Kylie is having her lips filled. Not a ridiculous thought as she does live in the land of the augmented. Her lips do appear fuller than when she was younger.

However, for Kylie to have work done her mum, Kris, would need to give permission. I realise that Kris is a media schmoozer but I do think that most mums wouldn’t allow this at such a young age. But hey, thats just me speculating.

I personally think that Kylie is a kick-ass make up artist. I think she realises the power of cosmetics and is a killer at the old selfie.

Kylie is inspiring a whole new generation to turn their back on glittery glosses and realise that Matte is back.

Her lip look is very Angelina Jolie in the 90’s. A high end grungy beauty that the cool girls want to achieve.

Im not very cool, but I still love the look and its really not that difficult to do.

Rumour is Kylie uses Mac Whirl which is more pink in colour or Spice which leans towards brown.

Now I love Mac but don’t have one nearby so couldn’t purchase this in time so I’ve used a lipstick I already had in my collection and purchased a lip liner for under £3. Bargain woo!

Okay, so you beauties know I love a bargain, but I will pay more for a killer product if it works.

Step forward Estee Lauder.

Estee Lauder Pure Color long lasting lipstick
colour sugar honey 183
Price £21
Now it is pricy but it is a desert island product.

Firstly, the packaging is just beautiful. A Gold tube is always a winner for me.
Old Swifty said Haters gonna Hate, and Bitch please! She was talking about this lipstick. You can rock a whole outfit from Primarni but get this bad boy out of your bag and people are thinking you’re a distant member of the Royal family.
The shape of the lipstick inside is perfect. A flat edge and point so application is easy without a lip brush.
Perfect for on the go.
This product stayed on my lips for 4 hours whilst I went about my business. Drinking lattes and air kissing as I’m a bit of a wannabe 🙂
My lips feel so smooth and velvet to touch that I cant stop smacking them together.
My lips didnt dry out for ages and the colour lasted longer than the ‘who killed Lucy Beale saga’.


The colour is listed on the website as shimmer but I totes disagree. I’m happy this appears Matte but is actually hydrating.

So yeah I got love for the Lauder right now.

The second product you will need is
Collection lip definer
Colour cappucino
Price £2.49

What. A. Bargain.
It comes in a plastic pen shape with a little lid.
The colour of the product is the colour of the pen which makes it really easy to find in your make up bag.
It twists up eliminating the need for a sharpener which is great as I hate the mess sharpeners leave.
The product itself is quite creamy, it doesn’t drag on the skin and is still on me now, 6 hours on.
I adore this, the only downside is that if you twist to much then it might snap off.
Unlikely you will, but just a heads up.

So lets talk application.

Place a primer over your lips or even a foundation in this case.


On your top lip line, take your liner and draw three little lines.
One at the middle of your cupids bow, down to the base of your top lip
Two at the highest point of your cupids bow, down to the base of your top lip. So it should look like this


On your bottom lip trace alongside your natural lip line. Not too far out as it will be too obvious. Imagine straddling your lips and skin with the liner. Its should cover both. You’ll look like this


Now, feeling very Jlo 1995, take the liner and go back to your top lip.
Its just grown up dot to dot now.
Take the left line and match it to the middle line.
Take the right line and match it to the middle.
The cupids bow will look like a brown capital M.

Like so,


Line the rest of your top lip, starting at the top and drawing down.

This will be your outline.


Now drawing inside the lines, take your liner and colour it in. (See, just like art attack)

Now you can stop here, you will have a Kylie Jenner lip look for under £3.


However, it will be incredibly drying and will need a lot of applications to remain flawless.

You need to be comfortable which is why I say you should add the Estee Lauder lipstick.

Taking the flat edge, with the point facing upwards, apply one coat to your top and bottom lip and blot on some tissue paper.

This is your finished lip look!


There is no feathering or bleeding with these products, they are so on trend and extremely easy to wear.

The only hard part is getting your selfie to look as fit as Kylizzle!

The girls on fire.

I hope this helped and remember to follow my blog so you don’t miss out on must have purchases, product reviews and head to head challenges.

If you have any comments, I’ll get back to them asap!

Keep on kissing!




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