First time tag. Beeyatch.


Ooh a First time tag post ‘citin’!

Lets dive in, its nice for you guys to get to know me a bit more and put a personality to the obligatory Selfie 🙂

Without further ado,

First blog post
Well its right here peeps, my first blog post as Brazenrouge. Check it out. I wrote it in the early hours of the morning in the rain when I realised that I needed to do something that I’m passionate about and made me happy. Im still a complete newb and I have no clue where this is going but I’m loving the ride :).

Do you still talk to your first love?
Ha! Don’t make me laugh. I wish I could talk to my teenage self however and tell her ‘to get a frigging grip’ and dump him asap. One rule, never let a man dull your sparkle (or wear frosted lipstick)

What was your first job?
Hmm, I was a admin assistant for an estate agents during my school summer holidays. I couldn’t make tea, I broke the photocopier and was swiftly handed my P45.

First aeroplane ride?
I was a late flyer. 15 years old to Greece with my parents. I still hate flying now.

First broken bone?
Touch wood, 22 years and still hard as nails. OOOSH.

First piercing?
I cant really remember but I was young. Probably 5. I’m not a fan of piercings on little girls. I wouldn’t allow my child to get metal until 10 I think.

First sport?
Hmm, Is shopping a sport?

First concert?
Aww S Club 7 with my cousins and auntie. I wore glittery eye shadow. Memories.

First fear?
I can’t remember when it exactly happened but I have genuine fear of pigeons. Like will cross a road to avoid one. This sucks, totes, as I love London.

So, its now time to tag!

I’ve tagged three of my newest twitter followers. Share the love and get tagging.






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