Head to Head No7 vs Rimmel red lipstick

I have loved red lipstick since I can remember. I love the idea of lipstick on a mans collar, or scrawled across a bathroom mirror.

I have spent the last decade experimenting with make up and cosmetics. One look that never fails and is eternally glamorous is the red pout.

It compliments an LBD fantastically or takes your jeans and t shirt to the next level

There is a red for everyone. I heard a beauty consultant once say the following; pale faces should use an orange based red, those with darker skin suit blue based reds.
I personally don’t like rules so I’ll wear a red in any shade if I like it. But if you feel intimidated by red lipstick try that basic rule and hit a beauty concession in Boots or Debenhams and ask for assistance.
You’ll be glad you did 🙂

I find it sad that someone could be intimidated by wearing red lipstick. Its the ultimate be noticed face. Once you get over the fact that people notice you, but aren’t staring at you. You will find wearing your perfect shade of red liberating and exhilarating.

Wearing lipstick is an overtly feminine concept. Not only is it beautiful once its applied I strongly believe it should inspire envy when you’re applying. When you take the lipstick out of your bag to re-apply (which will be regularly) people should be wanting to be you or be with you. Its the law. If they don’t then thats not the right red for you.
The packaging must be sexy, the product long lasting and the price low.

Not much then!

I haven’t used any other tools to enhance these lipsticks. Normally I’d recommend lip liner and blotting powder but I’ll do a red lip tutorial soon.

Today I just wanted to put two contenders head to head and give you guys an honest review.

So here we go.
No7 match made stay perfect lipstick
colour Pillarbox
Price £9.95
Okay packaging. Sleek and smart. Not the most glamorous but application in public wouldn’t be shameful. The shape of the actual lipstick was quite rounded. Lipstick should have a distinct shape of a point and a flat edge to assist with application. This was softened and therefore made this hard to apply without a lipbrush. Tut, tut No7.
it is a beautiful creamy product and dries smoothly leaving a velvet like finish.



Okay, so I really liked the colour, but I wouldn’t call it Pillarbox. More of a poppy red. I’m not certain this is a Bitchin’ night time red. This is more lunch with the girls or your first day date with whats-his-name.
I ate and drank as normal and the colour did bleed and feather after a few hours.

However due to how nourishing and beautiful this lipstick is I can let that slide as in reality I’d be wearing a lipliner.
Im not satisfied that it lives up to its promise of 6 hours without application. I’d say 2 and a half hours more like.

Taking all of the above into consideration I would say this lipstick is dear for what it is but it falls into the mid range price category. I love the product and am happy to admit that I’d willingly pay the full price without hesitation if the packaging was better. I want to be wooed by a product and others to be hatin’ on me for owning the product. But for what actually is on the inside (which is what counts!) great item. Put it on your christmas lists.


Rimmel moisture renew lipstick
Colour diva red
Price £6.49
Lets talk packaging.
Rimmel were so near but so far yet again. The tube is perfect, silver in colour, shiny and looks professional.
Then they go and put a naff plastic purple case over the top. Makes me so angry!

Now I’ve found some composure I’m pleased to report that the shape of the lipstick is correct. This made application easier.
There was a slight sickly smell but it wasn’t unpleasant.
The lipstick is very hydrating and the colour is more what I call a classic red. Although there was a lot more shine to this red.

So far so good;

So feeling pretty smug, I go to eat my almond croissant and then it happens. The most distinct ring of red lipstick around my brekkie. I instantly reach for my phone to document and I’m left with this.


I know! How bads that! Almost immediately after application all of the product had left my lips like students leaving the Union once pound a pint has ended.
I was gutted. This was going strong and fell after the first round.
Now I am firm in the idea that if you want beautiful rouge lips that you will need to reapply.

But for it to all nearly come off one bite is a bit of a joke.
Its not cheap either where you might let things go because of the price.
Such a shame.

If Rimmel can sort out its half arsed packaging then I’d compromise with the following;

Use for nights out with friends under the following conditions
1) no snogging
2) no cheesy chips afterwards
3) only drink out of a straw
4) apply every time you go for a wee (every 20 minutes if you’re like me)

The colour is beautiful but is let down by its lack of staying power and punchy packaging.
So No7, clamber above my shoulders and bask in eye of the tiger. You are my red lipstick knock out.

Peace out




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