Sock it to ’em

Guten Tag!

We all know Buns are hot property right now. From the messy to the ballerina. You can spend a small fortune buying accessories to create and enhance your bun.

In the interest of saving money, there is a simpler way.

You will need the following
1) old sock
2) hair bands
3) kirby grips
4) hair spray (optional)

Scrape your hair into a pony tail (I french plaited mine at the back but its not necessary)

Take a sock (clean) obvs! Mine had a hole in the toe so, hello, can you say upcycle? IMG_2800.JPG
Cut the toes off so you have a tube


Roll the tubey sock into the shape of a doughnut and put it to one side

Take your pony tail and put it through the hole in the middle of the sock like so.

Fan your hair out covering all of the sock, secure with a hair band.

Take kirby grips and clip the ends of your hair away so it looks neat and tidy.

Style fringe/bangs as you normally would.

Set with hairspray if desired.


Shh, don’t tell anyone





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