Osis by Schwarzkopf hair spray review.

Hej Hej!

A little bit of a different spin today. Im desperate to go out and buy everythang on my wish list but I can’t as I’m being ‘responsible’ blurgh.
So I remembered when I went to the National wedding show at Earls court last month I got a few freebies.

One of them was OSIS Session hairspray by Schwarzkopf.

Price £6.56 (500ml)


It came in a 100ml bottle which is about 13cm tall. My sample bottle came with its own little case of black sequins. I’m not sure if the full sized samples do. If you know let me know in the comments.
Firstly, cute that it comes with a carry case but completely unnecessary. I’ve just pinched the case to keep all my pens in.
Lets move onto the packaging
Silver bottle, reminds me of aluminium.
The brand is displayed front and centre down the middle of the tube in red writing with a brief description below.

3 extreme hold hairspray spray fixation extrême. Strong control.
Flipping the tube round to read the instructions and small print
Finish. Use in short bursts.
Thats it. Nothing else. Now, I know we understand hair spray and how it works but so far I’m finding this product masculine!

Hear me out,

The short stubby tube, well its not

The silver shiny can can be likened to an exhaust or something.

The writing placed down the tube is phallic symbolism if I’ve ever seen it.

And finally, not even a little story. I’m not being told I am being transported. Im not ‘glamming’ up or ‘indulging’ in any of the instructions.
They are short and to the point. I want to be wooed by a product.

But who cares as long as it works?

Well lets move on to that.

My hair is in an updo and my wispy baby hair is every where. I decide to spray the product sparingly over my barnet.

Firstly, this has a strange acetone smell.
I know all hair spray has a chemical smell but this lingered after I finished pushing the button.
Not a fan of that.
Secondly, its making my hair feel crisp. If I push on it I can hear it crackling.
Yes it does hold. Yes it is does what it says on the penis sized tube but I need more from a product. I like a story, I enjoy pretty packaging and feminine scents.

I’m not a fan of this. I don’t rate it. However I reckon my old man will like it.
So I’m gonna leave it on his side in the bathroom.

Im generous like that.




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