Liebster award #buzzin’



So I had a huge smile added to my face when I got home from work.
After a frankly beige day, I was reading through my favourite Blogs and noticed that the wonderful Helenofmanchester had nominated me for a Liebster award.
I literally got so excited I did a girly ‘eek’ noise I haven’t vocalised since I was 14.

So Helen, thank you. You were the first comment I ever received and I love reading your blog. If I’m ever in Manchester we’re going to superdrug! ;).

The rules of the Liebster award are;

– post the award on your blog

– thank the blogger who presented this award, and link to their blog

– write 11 random facts about yourself

– nominate bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have less than 200 followers

– answer 11 questions posted by the presenter, and ask your nominees 11 questions

The 11 Questions:

What do you like to do in your spare time?

At the moment, Im all about developing my blog. I feel like I’m nurturing a delicate flower and I really want it to succeed.
I’m a social butterfly too and am usually found popping up and down the county visiting family and friends for cups of tea and belly laughs.

If you could only choose one place to visit where would it be?
Vegas! Its trashy, flashy, brash some might say ‘brazen’. I hope I go one day.

What is your favourite desert?
Sod desert, get me a big bar of dairy milk and I’m sorted. Plus no washing up #winning

If you could have your own show, what show would you like to host?
I reckon I’d be a pretty good Loose woman or even be in the hub on This morning. I have the weirdest crush on Eamon Holmes. Sorry Ruth!

What do you usually order first at a restaurant food or drinks?
Drinks, is there any other order?!

What is your guilty pleasure?
Karaoke in Irish pubs

Do you follow any fashion trends?
Not really, but my personal style is constantly evolving. I try not to follow fashion to the letter as Crop tops will never be my friend. I take inspiration but try to keep my personality at the forefront of my styling choices

Are there any awesome products you have tried that you have to recommend?

St moriz mousse, is the best fake tan I have ever used and also the cheapest. Save your cash. Its the future!

Do you do exercise regularly. What are they?
Before my holiday I was really good 3-4 times a week was normal. Cardio days, strength days, abs day, beat a personal best.
I’ve been lazy since my return but I gotta get back in shape if I’m gonna fit my arse into a wedding dress.

What would you like to receive on your upcoming birthday?

Umm Louboutins. Patent nude with a red sole. I would treasure them forever.

If you had to cook dinner tonight, what would you cook?
I don’t cook. Im lucky my old man is good at it otherwise I’d live off crisps and pizza.

11 facts

1) Caitlan Moran ‘how to be a woman’ is my favourite book, ever.

2) The inbetweeners series is the best tv programme in the world and helped me to understand men at the age of 17.

3) I have 3 older sisters, each are completely different but all three inspire me to be the strongest Bitchin’ woman out there.

4) I’m known to demolish a whole tub of nutella before my period.

5) My parents have the most loving relationship I have ever seen.

6) I have an obsession with faux fur that has existed since I can remember

7) When I first saw my fiancé in a crappy bar, the whole room blurred away and all I could see was him. At that exact moment I knew I had to speak to him. I never believed in love at first sight until that day.

8) Ibiza is my favourite place in the world.

9) I have a random fear of birds and will cross a road before having to risk it flying near my face.

10) 2 4 1 cocktails is my weakness

11) I truly believe in feminism. To be a feminist is not to be ‘anti man’ it is to be pro equality. I hate the idea that some people think that women only wear cosmetics to attract a partner. Absolute trollocks! I wear a full face at home in my jammies sometimes, I have gone ‘clubbing’ wearing only a swish of red lippy before. I wear make up for me and its an expression of who I want to be that day. Its my face and I’ll wear it my way.

So here goes

This lady mentors and guides me through my initial stages of blogging.
She writes the most kick-arse blog evaaaahhhh


Take the floor.

Laters Taters


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