The, it’s half four in the bloody morning challenge!


I’ve had a great first week of blogging. Think I have finally found something I enjoy and would like to say a big thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

It’s still in its infancy and I appreciate every single one of you.

But hey, you’re here for tips not some sorta wannabe Oscar speech!

Today I had to start work at 6. As in AM, as in the morning, as in what did I do in my past life to deserve this.

Not one to be melodramatic *ahem* I had to make the best of things.

I still want to look alive when I turn up for work and that means some fine tuned cosmetic witch craft.

But at quarter to 5 in the morning the wings of my eyeliner look like they’ve been on the piss in Bogner Regis (bee tee dubs, love Bogner and Butlins so don’t be hating)

Taking this all into account, I have fine tuned a streamlined pre-daylight routine

And it goes a little something like this

Firstly on days like today I don’t have time to tone, exfoliate or anything else. Shower the night before. This is a race against the clock.
But you gotta get a few of the necessities in.

Never skip cleansing, never skip brushing your teeth, never skip moisturising.

I throw some cleanser on the pad and take off all the grime that’s accumulated whilst I’ve slept. You’d be surprised what you find on that cotton pad.

Now moisturise, if you feel that your skin is to oily or that you don’t need to moisturise. You’re incorrect. I’ll be doing a separate blog on skin care and what’s important soon and I’ll go into loads of detail then. Drying out your skin by not moisturising will cause it to produce more oil!

The best way to moisturise in my opinion is put a ten pence piece on the back of your hand. Pinch it with your other fingers and rub you fingers together (imagine Deborah Meaden talking figures on dragons den) this warms it up a little bit.
Place onto your face and massage in. Do not, I repeat, do not do what I used to and rub back and forth.
This creates little face bogies where the potions and miracles inside the product disintegrate leaving little balls on your face (no sniggering at the back)

Sort out your teeth (I’m gonna skip this part, cos I’m pretty sure we’re all cushty on this front)

Okay so you’re freshly clean and ready to put your face on. Leave your teeth last as you want your moisturiser to sink in as if your face isn’t quite dry your foundation will look streaky.

I sit in front of my mirror and turn on my straighteners as I know my fringe is gonna be screwed even though I do sleep with a roller in, See?!

It’s all about night before prep (also shout out to the period spot on my chin! Cheers Mother Nature you basic)

Take your foundation or tinted moisturiser if you have clear skin and apply with your finger tips. Brushes are better for a more polished look but I feel that they take longer to apply this way.
Make sure your foundation or tinted moisturiser includes an SPF of 15 or over as you missed out that stage in the ‘bathroom prep’

I use No7 beautifully matte foundation in cool vanilla
Price £13.50
Put the foundation on the back of your hand and ‘dot’ the foundation on the following;
Forehead, nose, chin, cheeks and eyelids.
Blend the dots together covering your face and blending out away from your nose. I.e towards the hairline and jaw. You do not need to apply it to your neck. It will stain your clothes (trust, my mum told me off enough times at school regarding my ‘dirty collar’)
Take extra care to blend at the jaw line. This is the area where most of us fail.
Now move onto your concealer. One with light reflecting particles are best. But always make sure its your shade. Going a shade paler for concealer sounds a good idea but it will look odd in photos. In these célfie times you can never be sure when you’re gonna be papped.
Using your finger place concealer on blemishes, in the corners of your eyes, under your eyes, in your cupids bow (the bit above your lip) and a thin strip down your nose.
I use Rimmel hide the blemish concealer in Ivory
Price £3.99

Take your eyelash curlers and with your eye open clamp them down. Hold for 5 seconds and repeat on the other eye. This will make you instantly look more awake

Using your finger apply a neutral eyeshadow, just over the lid. I use
Benefit world famous neutrals
Price £23.50

This is how odd you will look so far


Now Take an eyeliner pencil in your preferred colour. Gently dot along the upper eye lash line and again along the bottom. You can do a straight line but I find the dot to dot approach is softer. Take your little finger and smudge the liner.
I use Rimmel special eyes precision liner pencil
Price £2.99

Your eyes will look like this



Moving on swiftly,

Take your mascara and stroke down your eyelashes. Now with the wand in hand, brush the lashes up in a zig zag motion 3 times.

For the bottom lashes, this is only necessary the once (unless you like the twiggy look).
I am currently using Rimmel Kate Mascara
Price £5

Apply bronzer on your face in an E shape. Swirl your bronzer brush (i use a large powder brush as I’m not contouring when Im in a rush)
Knock off the excess and apply at the temples, moving down onto your cheek bones, back out and down onto your jawline.
Repeat on the other side.
I am loving Bodyshop honey bronze bronzer
Price £13
Taking a cream blush
Place 3 dots on the chubby part of your cheeks (the bit where your nan pinches you) in the shape of a triangle. Again blend well for a youthful glow
The beauty steal I am using daily at the moment is
MUS creme blusher
Price £2
Nearly there now people,

Take a gloss or balm and apply to lips with your finger for build able colour. Applying straight from the tube when rushing may cause you to look a bit over done.
I love lipstick but its too time consuming and if not done with precision will look tacky.

I wore a Clinique one today in a berry tone. I can’t find a picture of it as it must be a year or two old and I have worn out the letters from all it’s use. I will try and hunt down the name for you though!

Your face is now done and is appropriate for most work places. If your job allows a more casual approach feel free to explore with a darker lip colour using the techniques above.

My hair causes me the most issues in the morning. If I pull it back straight into a pony tail it looks to flat and makes my jaw line appear heavy.
I suit my hair up higher on my head but have to wear my hair at the nape of my neck for work.
(Dilemma Nelly feat Kelly)

Using a simple french plait technique I plait my hair from the top of my head, leaving out my fringe until I reach the nape of my neck. I then gather the rest of my hair as if I was going to secure a pony tail.
Taking all my hair I twist it into a simple bun and secure with a band.
No hairspray, no product, no heat other than curving in my fringe.

Chuck on your clothes and you’re good to go.

That entire routine took me 20 minutes (well 19 something) to complete.

Its quick, its simple and I now have it down to an art.

You probably possess many of the skills required to complete so spend an extra 15 minutes in bed. Rather than faffing around with lipliner and contouring.

But remember evening prep is essential.
Complete the following if you want to be out the door in 20 minutes.

1) shower the night before
2) apply gradual tanner if desired before bed.
3) place hair in rollers if needed
4) choose your twenty minute make up and leave it out where it is all visible.
5) have clothes ironed, pressed (pressed! Hark at nanna here!) hung up the night before
6) pack your lunch after your evening meal
7) pack your work bag.

This might sound like a lot of agg, but I would deffo rather do this all the night before work then be rushing and ending up late.
My dad always said
5 minutes at night is 10 in the morning.

I try and live by these words on a 6am start.

I hope this helped and even if you take away one tip I’ll be buzzin’.

So here it is.

The before and after

If you have any feedback on this piece or if you’d like to see me complete any other challenge, review or tutorial let me know with your comments or by following

Ba bye!






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