Revlon Colorstay and Mua fixing mist product review

Hola chicas,

So I’m really getting into my blogging and think I’m starting to get the hang of it.

Today I’m out to dinner with 2 of my best buddies and thought what a great opportunity to review a product, or maybe two. #buzzin’.

So lets begin;

Pro base fixing mist by MUA.
Price £5

I tried this product on my £20 challenge and found it difficult to review.
My make up had stayed but couldn’t tell if that was the mist or the make-up.

So using a very intricate protracted formula I devised the perfect way to see if the Mist enhanced the staying power of my cosmetics.
I covered half my face and sprayed the other half.
This is what I found

After 9 hours my make up stayed. I ate, drunk and chatted shit. When i got home I did notice the ‘unfixed’ side was slightly worn. The eyeshadow looked less neat and there was a tiny mascara speck on my lid.
So, I am quite pleased. Wouldn’t say it was a miracle find but well worth a fiver!

Anyhoo, moving on. I also test drove the revlon stain.
I bought this for my holiday to Ibiza but never wore it, so thought this to be a perfect opportunity
Price £7.99
revlon colorstay


Revlon say it provides intense colour and glass like shine.
When I first put it on, I dare say I agree.
The packaging appears very high end. With its rectangle shape and hard edges this lipgloss means business.
It can take the hard knocks in my bag and is one I’m proud to apply on the train.
The applicator is a sponge and holds a lot of colour, its clear this is very much a stain not just some gloss.
The shine disappeared within an hour, which I am disappointed in but the stain lived on valiantly.
I did notice lip stick stains on the glass but the colour did stay on my lips.
I love the colour and feel its a perfect Autumnal/winter Lip look.
Maybe I’m tight (well actually I am tight) but I do think that 8 quid is a bit steep for this product.

Would I buy it again? No. Will I wear it again? Yes.
All in all a good product just too high a price tag for a Primarni girl like myself.

Ciao for now


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