£20 beauty budget challenge

Hey peeps,

I’m currently saving for my upcoming wedding and have been told I need to curb my spending by the old man.

So feeling creative and skint, I’ve set myself a difficult challenge. Can I create a whole face of make-up for 20 quid or under.

Off to superdrug I went, armed with a score.
I hit the MUA counter and went to work. There was a 3 for 2 deal on in Superdrug on ALL
products. #amazeballs.

I put the budget brand through the ringer by eating, drinking and working an 8 hour nightshift in the sodding rain. In total I wore the make up for 16 hours.

Lets start with the foundation
matte perfect foundation



price £2.
So I chose the colour fair, and found there was a slightly yellow tone to it. I liked the feel but wouldn’t describe it as matte personally. I feel this is for you if you like a dewy glow. Average packaging but I do like that its a squeezy tube meaning you can get every last penny out of it.
However, blended well, stayed put and covered imperfections.
I’m really impressed considering the price. Now I’m not going to give up my beloved No7 foundation, but this is a good solid back up for when you’ve not re-stocked.

3 outta 5.

Keeping with the canvass, that is the base, lets go to
MUA pro-base conceal and brighten kit

price £3.50

Now first things first, the packaging is flimsy but does come with a little mirror compact which is sweet. The first tray is to conceal. I chucked it on the humdinger of a spot on my chin and blended. Very nice.
The second tray is designed to brighten. I put it in the inner corner of my eyes, on my nose and on my temples. Again deffo brightened and reflected the light.
The third tray was to highlight. WOW I love this, its got an iridescent shine to it almost like pearls. Great buy and a little goes a long way
5 outta 5

MUA blush perfection


price £2
Firstly, sorry I don’t know what the shade is called, I would describe it as a warm coral shade. Its a cream blush and went on nicely. I think this will make a nice change from the pink powder blushes I use.

Average, flimsy packaging but I can see this lasting a long time

4 outta 5.

MUA hide and conceal concealer

price £1

price £1

BUY IT NOW. Stays the distance, blends well and didn’t need retouching for 7 hours!!!! New desert island product

5 outta 5

MUA undress your skin radiant under eye concealer

price £3

I think this is the MUA answer to YSL’s touche eclat. Its not bad, its just not good. The Pro-base kit replaces the need for this little stick. Also you have to wind up the bottom to expose the liquid and it was either dry as a bone or way too much.

1 outta 5

MUA mascara


price £1

Save your quid, its shite. No volume barely any colour. Felt like I was brushing my lashes with a dandelion. Pointless. Bin it.

0 outta 5

MUA pro-brow ultimate eye brow kit



price £3.50

Pleasantly surprised to find a pair of tweezers and a mirror to apply. I was praying this would be a success and it only fell slightly short of my expectations.
Now Im a brow-zing girl and that aint cheap at £24.50. But its incredible. I was hoping MUA would compete.
Firstly there was no hard angled brush in the MUA kit and I thought this meant the shape wasn’t as great. The gel just smudged the colour I had applied. I dont know anyone who would use the black colour as it went on like soot. But I did really like the brush and brown colour as a team. The rest can do one in my opinion.
I’ll stick with benefit on my xmas and birthday lists and get my share this way but I’ll be more than happy to use MUA on casual days to save the dollar.

3 outta 5

make up revolution palette


price £4
Okay so I realise this isnt MUA but this palette was a steal and its a £20 challenge so anything goes.
All the colours are wearable, they blend very wall and lasted the distance. My only criticism is that the tray was destroyed after one use.
Have a look at this

Do you see what I mean? A lot of powder excess but hey ho, my fault for not using proper brushes!

3 outta 5

MUA lipstick, persian rose

price £1
Now I love this colour, I love this price, it lasts forever and a day but it is very drying. Make sure you lips are in tip top condition if you’re going to wear this brand.

4 outta 5

Pro-base fixing mist

Price £5

I’ve never used a fixing spray but threw caution to the window and indulged. Im undecided. Now my make up did last all day and some. But I couldnt tell you if that was the spray or because the make up is a quality product.

Unrated. Further tests to continue.

So, my thumbs very tired now but I’m really pleased I did this.
So I went over by 50 pence, Boo! Bad Chloe! But for the amount of products I purchased I think it was a success.

I would ditch the mascara and the under eye YSL rip off.

The conceal and brighten kit + the concealer are faultless for the price.

Im in awe of how much you can save and I’ll be working on this challenge again next month.
Ditching the duds, saving the faves and adding a few beauty treats.

So here is the before and after. Let me know what you think in the comments, if you would like to see any other beauty budget challenges or any other feedback.




4 thoughts on “£20 beauty budget challenge

  1. With stuff like highlighters what do you normally get budget aside? I have so far gone through life using concealer mostly then when i want a bit more use foundation and then maybe a little blusher and eye makeup as standard. I am just coming into the world of primers and the idea of contouring is something i am new too. Any words of advice? Thanks in advance and great post 🙂 If i do one i will tag you in it and compare notes on what was good and bad… i think Superdrug is definitely the go to place!


    1. Budget aside watts up by benefit is very good or high beam. Contouring is quite difficult to get your head round, http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2014/04/30/article-2616647-1D78411F00000578-361_634x494.jpg check out this infographic. Practise, practise, practise. Im no professional but just love make up. Superdrug is awesome, get their beauty card. I’ll try and do a contouring viedo soon and show you a good technique. Feel free to follow me on twitter @chloelingane or IG Clo92_ Xx


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