Day to day look


So I can’t wear a lot of make up to work (Boo! Down with the patriarchy)

However, as I need a wage to buy make up and you know, ahem, survive; I have to abide by the ‘rules’.

I’m sure I’m not the only woman who can’t rock a glitter lash line or princess pink pout to the morning briefing so here is my ‘natural’ work face.

#Revlon colour stay (530 seductive) (4)

Now I like this palette, being a fair skinned brunette I feel the purple jewel tones compliment my eyes.

My criticism of this palette is that the shadows let off, the only way I can describe it, is dust.

More shadow falls on my cheek bones than is desired but for a budget product, would recommend to a friend.

#Benefit world famous neutrals (call my buff) and (pinky swear)

Benefit; is it all just pretty packaging and clever tag lines? I’m afraid not. I do find that these little shadows last day to night (perfect for 10 hour shifts) and are the perfect ‘I’m not wearing any make up, silly!’ Shades.

#no7 beautifully matte foundation (warm ivory)

Relatively new find for me. I like a matte medium coverage foundation and think this is pretty perfect for me. I had that random skin colour, metal detector thingymibob pushed against my cheek and to be fair the match is good.
Also pretty damn good value for just under £13 if my memory is any good.

#rimmel hide the blemish concealer + special eyes eye liner, (black magic) + mascara eye rock (jet black)

Ah, my beloved Rimmel. Never had I known I was such a fan until I waded my way through my make up bag.

The concealer is nothing to write home about (irony detected, that yes, I am writing about it) but does a sterling job in covering the odd blemish.

The eyeliner is going strong, an almost waxy texture easy to apply and as black as my soul after a night on tequila.

Now, the mascara. Its a Kate moss endorsed product and does make my lashes look longer and fuller. I find it can be flaky towards the end of the day and the shape of the wand is similar to an ‘S’ shape.
I don’t love the wand, I think its a bit of a gimmick and doesn’t offer much in the way of Va Va Voom.

Rimmel, I feel I have given you a rough ride RE the above but you are the make up version of the friend zone.
I’ll never be madly in love with you but you’ll always be there to rely on.

#bodyshop bronzer

This was a unexpected find. I treated myself to the honey bronze gift set as I wanted the tinted oil for my holiday.

It came with a bronzer/mirror compact and a lip balm.

Well first, what a load of rubbish the lip balm is! Leaves the weirdest colour on my lips ever.
Imagine that girl who used to put foundation on her lips, to achieve the nude look. Looks cheap, looks tacky, bin.

However, the saving grace was my new favourite bronzer. Perfect golden tones, not too satsuma, large mirror for on the go touch ups.
Hands down my desert island product.

#bourjois blusher (34 golden rose)

I heard that this was a very good budget version of a Laura Mercier blush.
Always on the hunt for a bargain (serious case of primania) I gave it a whirl. Now Bourgois listen up! The palette is to small. I can not fit my blusher brush into it without squeezing the bristles together

Aint nobody got time fer dat

Seems pretty pedantic to moan about but its a pain in the arse.


Oh Vas, there are no words. You are the real MVP.
Lips, cheek bones, the middle of my nose, rogue brows. You deal with them all.
Keep on, keepin’ on

#benefit brow-zing (medium)

Firstly this isn’t cheap (in my opinion) £24.50 is a lot to dish out on one item. Which my fringe covers anyway.
But I firmly believe that you shouldn’t take advice from those with bad brows.

So I religiously go to my local benefit counter, get waxed in public, am asked if I would like my top lip done also (well i wasn’t but clearly I need to) and pop on my ‘zing. Bitch, please. It makes a difference. I can’t live without it but if you know a budget version please let me know, my fiancees put me on a ‘budget’ *shivers at thought*

Much love ya floozies






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